Cal Poly Graduate Status Survey

Please take a few minutes to respond to the questions below for Cal Poly’s annual Graduate Status Report. Graduates’ names will not be listed in the report, nor are companies linked with specific salary offers. We do need your name and Cal Poly email to ensure that we are not tabulating duplicate information. Your input will be helpful to current and prospective students and will help Cal Poly evaluate its programs and complete accreditation requirements.

If you graduated between August 2014 and June 2015, continue to fill out the survey below.
If you have graduated or are planning to graduate August 2015 or later, please complete your survey using this link.

Graduation Date:

Confidential. (Numbers only; please exclude commas and $)..




If employed or enrolled in post-baccalaureate study, where did you learn of your current employer/employment opportunity?If you select other, please describe

To what extent is your employment related to your major?
When did you receive your job offer?

Are you willing to have current Cal Poly students contact you by email about information related to your field?

In order to not duplicate surveys sent to our graduates, the information you provided on this questionnaire may be shared with the Cal Poly Alumni Association, University Advancement, or other University offices. Cal Poly will only use this information in support of our educational mission and will not sell or distribute to any external group or organization. If you do not want your responses to this survey shared with other University offices, please check this box.